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Opportunities for gifted boys

A broad and enriched curriculum for the gifted student

At Normanhurst Boys High School, we offer an extensive curriculum which is constantly evaluated and tailored to meet student needs and interests. The dynamic nature of the pattern of study offered underpins our commitment to identification of needs of our boys and desire to provide the best educational outcomes.

Meeting the educational needs of boys

We are committed to the provision of a curriculum pattern that generates strong engagement and an opportunity for the boys to immerse themselves in areas of learning where they can kindle an interest into academic excellence and a passion for life-long learning. In the senior school, an extensive amount of support and guidance is provided to student and parents in preparation for post-school  academic options and access to highly sought after university scholarships and awards. Part of this commitment to preparation for tertiary study is providing the option for course acceleration for boys who demonstrate a particlar giftedness and readiness for the opportunity.

Normanhurst Boys enjoys a highly experienced teaching body that understands the needs of talented boys and is comprised of experts in their field. A strong school focus on teacher professional learning and HSC marking experience across almost every key learning area, enables the delivery of curriculum which maximises the opportunity for students.

Opportunities for the gifted and talented student

Our learning community aims to develop the gifts of each student and focuses on achieving personal best and “lifting the bar”. Student interest and learning is nurtured through developing a strong sense of belonging to what the boys call Team Normo, and the resilience and perseverance that comes through team work and companionship that comes from working with like-minded boys.

The students are offered numerous opportunities to explore their passions and interest of particular subject areas through extension within their subject selection and through engagement with credentialed extension courses. Extension courses currently on offer include English, Mathematics, Languages, History and Music.

The needs of our boys are constantly scanned for opportunities for them to capitalise on strengths and engage with accelerated courses to provide them with opportunities to excel and gain advanced standing in the HSC credential and at times towards university courses. Accelerated courses currently being conducted include Information Processes and Technology, Chemistry, Society and Culture, as well as Geography.

Why just boys?

In a real world consisting of both males and females why would you select a school filled just with boys? There are many philosophical, cultural and belief-based reasons for electing a single-sex school. The single strongest argument is however an educational one, which confirms that there is a significant performance and developmental advantage for boys being educated with just other boys.

A great deal of research has been undertaken on the differences in brain functioning between males and females. Significant differences in brain functioning between the sexes provides an opportunity for single sex schools to focus exclusively on designing programs to foster the best learning outcomes in one gender.

While all students are obviously different, overall data related to academic performance in the High School Certificate supports the claim that single-sex schools foster stronger academic performance.

Boys are frequently less self-conscious when educated in a single-sex environment. The sense of belonging, or brotherhood, as our boys refer to the feeling, makes them more likely to participate in a more diverse range of performing, creative and cultural experiences. Simple observation of the day-to-day interactions of our boys evidences how relaxed they are around each other, and the obvious comfort this brings as they push themselves in striving for excellence.

At a time in their lives when the boys are confronted with the impacts of physiological and developmental changes, sharing their life journey with able, like-minded boys, provides the informal support that is just not possible in any other environment.