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Congratulations to the HSC Class of 2023 on their Amazing HSC Results!

Year 12 2023

The effort and persistence of the Class of 2023 and the accelerated students has culminated in the continuing HSC success of Normanhurst Boys High School with a rank of 8th in NSW, with students gaining 364 Band 6 results across all subjects.  

Thank you to all teachers and support staff for helping make this possible.   

We are very proud of Bill Bao and Geography Olympiad Sunny Chen, who both achieved an amazing 99.95 ATAR, while our Chemistry Olympiad, Bobby Wu achieved 99.9. 

The following students have been named as Top Achievers ("State Rank") by the NSW Education Standards Authority. Congratulations to these students and their teachers:

  • Jonathan Adji (Year 11) for Chemistry 
  • Bill Yuechen Bao (Year 12) for Chemistry and Mathematics Advanced 

Congratulations also to their teachers Mr VoMs Chau, and Ms Lee.  

An outstanding student achievement for 2023:  

  • 26 (19%) with an ATAR of over 99 
  • 74 (55%) with an ATAR of over 95 

Other notable subject results: 

  • Chemistry, 60% of students achieved Band 6, well done Chemistry team. 
  • English Extension 2, 100% of students achieved a Band E4, congratulations to Ms Awad
  • Mathematics Extension 1, 65% of students achieved Band 6. Mathematics Extension 2, 76% of students achieved Band 6. Congratulations to the Mathematics teachers.  
  • Music 2, 63% of students achieved Band 6. Music Extension, 75% achieved E4. Well done Mr Howell for both Music subjects.  
  • Business Studies, Economics, Physics, Geography, Mathematics Advanced, Software Design and Development, Visual Arts as well as Engineering Studies all achieving notable results with 42% – 55% of students achieving Band 6. 

This year also saw a number of students achieve amazing outcomes in: 

  • Year 12 Drama, with the individual performance of Adam Dodge being nominated for OnSTAGE. Well done to Ms Hogan.
  • Year 12 Music, with the performances of Josh Goddard and Bill Bao and compositions of Josh Goddard and Matthew Chu being nominated for Encore. Big year for Music and the Ensembles. Thank you, Mr Howell.  
  • Year 12 Visual Arts, Gene Richards and Nathan Zhu, received nominations for ARTEXPRESS. Impressively, Gene's work was selected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS, a remarkable feat considering the subject has nearly 8700 students. Congratulations to Gene and Mr Lin!

Together with thirty-one (31) All Rounder students (who have achieved Band 6/E4 for ten or more units): 

  • Bill (Yuechen) Bao
  • Sebastian (Juan) Campos
  • Acton Sun Chen
  • Matthew Chen
  • Sunny Chen
  • Rishon Ranjan Chowalloor
  • Nathan Doe 
  • Adam Fowler
  • Alan (Yuxuan) Guo 
  • Michael Hibbard
  • Rohan Hossain 
  • Pouyan Hosseinbabaee
  • Ryan Jones
  • Noah Kentmann 
  • Ethan Lee
  • William Wai Ling Leong
  • Phill (Qiuyuan) Li 
  • Rei Peng Kai Loh
  • Jayden Lui
  • Jason Jiajun Luo 
  • James Jayden Makmur 
  • Zeno Radnoti
  • Gene Richards
  • Attis Sedain
  • Tishaan (Kurugalage) Siriwardana
  • Zachary Smith
  • Jeremy Stephens
  • Harshil Vyas
  • Namo (Yotchtanin) Wongsiranon 
  • Bobby Shao Yu Wu 
  • Leo Yu

Mr Howell (Year 12 Adviser) should get a special mention for his leadership and management of the year group during considerable changes in school routine. He took over the year from Ms Yu at the end of Year 9. Mr Howell's steady character and calm demeanour triumphed through all obstacles.