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Commerce Year 9-10

Commerce is an elective option for Year 9 and 10 and equips students with insight into consumer, financial, business, legal, political and employment issues. The subject develops the ability to research information, apply problem-solving strategies and evaluate options, to make informed and responsible decisions for oneself and the community. Key soft skills are also honed during the course. These include communication, self-motivation, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, problem solving, time management, flexibility and conflict resolution.

Major events for Year 9 are Year 9 Market Day and an excursion to Flemington Markets. The early morning tour of the wholesale markets at Flemington, and what students learn by observing and talking to stall holders, helps students understand how they can promote and sell their products at their own Market Day.

A memorable event for Year 10 commerce, is the week-long, Macquarie University Enterprise Challenge, in which NBHS students test their critical thinking and commerce knowledge against a nearby girls’ school, to generate ideas and solutions to real-world problems. Students also attend NSW State Parliament and the Downing Centre Courts precinct.

Commerce is an excellent springboard into senior Business Studies, Legal Studies and Economics.