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Japanese Continuers Year 11-12

Japanese has been identified as one of the priority languages in the Asia-Pacific region to be taught in Australian schools. This recognises the close economic and cultural ties between the two countries. The study of the language contributes to a student’s overall education, particularly in the areas of communication, cross-cultural understanding, literacy and general knowledge.

The Japanese Continuers course in Year 11-12 builds upon the foundations of Year 9-10 Japanese to deepen students’ engagement with the language and rich cultural traditions of Japan. This occurs through exploration of the themes of The individual, Japanese-Speaking Communities, and The Changing World.

The ability to communicate in Japanese may, in conjunction with other skills, provide students with enhanced vocational opportunities in areas such as trade, tourism and hospitality, banking and finance, technology, education and research, the arts, diplomacy, government, law, media and advertising, translation and interpreting, and food industries.