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Photography Year 9-10

Photographic and Digital Media

The Photographic and Digital Media course explores how photography as an art medium has evolved with the development of technology and scientific processes. Coached in the fundamentals of film making, students get to apply their skills to produce crime or absurdist films. They also become familiar with traditional film photography and darkroom techniques in tandem with explorations in contemporary digital photography.

Such practical learning activities, enable students to understand the way that photography and digital media ‘paint with light’ to powerfully communicate ideas, identities, values and culture. Through critical reflection and analysis of these concepts, students can then respond to the practice of other photographers and be inspired to develop their own ideas and works.

Photogram to Instagram

The Year 10 Photogram to Instagram course, provides an overview of the evolution of photography. From the early stages of wet photography, to contemporary photographic practices, students will learn a variety of skills using different types of cameras. They will also explore studio photography in areas such as food and modelling, and immerse themselves in a variety of contemporary photographic trends. This is a subject that is perfect for beginners and experienced photographers to develop their skills!