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CONGRATULATIONS | Angus Stewart, Year 12 2022 – First Place in NSW for Engineering Studies | Sunny Chen, Year 11 2022 – First Place in NSW for Geography (Accelerated)


Normanhurst Boys High School students - fostered with excellence as young men and enjoying successes with the 2022 HSC result release!

The effort and persistence of Class of 2022 and the accelerated classes have paid off yet again!

We are very proud that Angus Stewart (Year 12 2022) has taken out first place in the Engineering Studies course, and Sunny Chen (Year 11 2022) has taken out first place in Geography (Accelerated, Year 12 Course) in the state!

The school also congratulates their teachers, Mr Warren McGuire and Ms Angela Ellen for their hard work in the journey to assess and give feedback to students on this long journey of learning! 

Angus is featured from approximately 22 minutes into the ceremony, and Sunny is featured from approximately 25 minutes into the ceremony.

Top Achievers for 2022

The following students have also been named as Top Achievers ("State Rank") by the NSW Education Standards Authority. Congratulations to these students and their teachers:

Joshua Leong - Year 12 2022

Engineering Studies, 3rd in NSW.

Congratulations to Joshua and his teacher, Mr Warren McGuire!

Peter Chen - Year 12 2022

Mathematics Advanced, 6th in NSW

Congratulations to Peter and his teacher, Mr Hubert Lam!

Jason Yang - Year 11 2022

Chemistry (Accelerated), 7th in NSW

Congratulations to Jason and his teacher, Mr Khai Vo!

Bobby Wu - Year 11 2022

Chemistry (Accelerated), 8th in NSW

Congratulations to Bobby and his teacher, Mr Khai Vo!

Yankai Zhu - Year 12 2022

Engineering Studies, 10th in NSW.

Congratulations to Yankai and his teacher, Mr Warren McGuire!

David Zheng - Year 11 2022

Chemistry (Accelerated), 13th in NSW

Congratulations to David and his teacher, Mr Khai Vo!

Rohan Hossain - Year 11 2022

Chemistry (Accelerated), 19th in NSW

Congratulations to Rohan and his teacher, Mr Khai Vo!

Together with thirty six All Rounder students (who have achieved Band 6/E4 for ten or more units):

  • Michael Benney
  • Peter Chen
  • Roger Chen
  • Trevor Deng
  • Benjamin Farkas
  • Addison Foo
  • Nicholas Gates
  • Hao Lin Han
  • Takuki Ishida
  • Dongwook Joo
  • Ianish Ketaruth
  • Ayaan Iqbal Khan
  • Samuel Kim
  • Benjamin Kuo
  • Evan La Fontaine
  • Jack Lawson
  • Osmond Lin
  • Roger Lin
  • William Lu
  • Veer Menon
  • Theo Mortazavi
  • Jackdiish Murugan
  • Sakthivel Muthu
  • Joseph Ng
  • Oscar Parrish
  • Alec Peng
  • Benjamin Prince
  • Angus Stewart
  • Denver Sutandya
  • Kai Peng Javier Tan
  • Eric Wang
  • Darren Fengrui Ye
  • Francis Adrian Zaragoza
  • Leewen Zhang
  • Norman Zhang
  • Yankai Zhu

This has culminated in Normanhurst Boys High School's HSC success being ranked 8th in NSW for 2022!